9 Common Mistakes in Renovating a Bathroom

The bathroom is not just a place to clean the body. However, this space should also be a shelter where we can close the door to avoid daily boredom and recharge the energy. Of course, we do not want to spend time, money and inconvenience in the bathroom.

Here are 9 mistakes in renovating the bathroom and how to avoid them.

9 Common Mistakes in Renovating a Bathroom

1. Delaying the asbestos testing and removal work

Some people in Australia still think that asbestos presence is not a big deal. Keep in mind that you should follow the applicable regulation to avoid any criminal charges and fines for breaking the law about the renovation.

Yes, it is dangerous to keep an asbestos product in your bathroom. You should ask professional asbestos removal Sunshine Coast for helps to get the job done if you live at Queensland area is very important for you before you start renovating your bathroom.

2. Excessively spending money

This is commonly happening in the wet area of ​​the bathroom. What kind of renovation that can be done very quickly to reduce the costs? Try to design the standard equipment and fittings to avoid custom manufacturing costs.

Buy all your necessities, such as taps, lavatories, cabinets and accessories before starting the renovation. You may also need to take a photo of the existing equipment if it is still usable so that it can be advertised on the market. By selling or giving away this equipment, you may at least reduce the waste.

3. Fix your own water resistance

One of the most common problems in the bathroom is a leak in the shower. When you handle it wrong, it can be an expensive thing to fix. Thus, if you are thinking to work on it by yourself, you should hold your thoughts. This is because the best thing to do is to involve the experts.

4. Bad ventilation

The definition of horror in the bathroom is to find tiny black spots of mildew on the walls and freshly painted ceilings. This is generally caused by poor ventilation. Even if you have a window that opens well, you still need a fan or exhaust fan to remove the steam.

Note: Coat the wall with an oil-based or mushroom-resistant bathroom paint.

5. Inserting too many objects

Avoid putting too many items or equipment in the bathroom. If you have a separate toilet near the bathroom, try not to install a toilet in the bathroom. Maximize as much space as possible to make the room more comfortable.

If the room is too small for the bathtub and shower at once, choose a shower instead. In addition, cabinets, shelves, or drawers that hang on the wall will help you provide space on the ground.

6. Less lighting

There are a lot of activities done in the bathroom that need good lighting. Shaving, waxing, dressing and hairstyling are difficult to be done well in a bathroom with dimmed lighting. In other words, you need to install a large mirror above the sink or dressing table along with good lighting that leads directly to the face.

7. Bad drainage

Every floor in the wet area requires a “tilting”. The floor should be made gently down towards the disposal to allow water not to pool on the floor for too long. The large size of the tiles on the floor makes the water decline more difficult especially in small bathrooms. Make sure the size of each tile is 300 X 300 mm maximum.

8. Porous material

All surfaces in the bathroom should be resistant to moisture. Otherwise, the surface may swell, rot or change colour over time. Porous stones such as travertine marble and wood should be sealed.

9. Not enough storage

Just like every room in the house, installing a storage in the bathroom is very important. You need space for cosmetics, medicines, hair dryers, shaver, dry towels, wet towels, and other necessities. Therefore, you should plan the layout of your bathroom carefully.

With smart storage, there will be a great place for everything. For example, you could install a glass on a cupboard above the sink or dresser to keep things away from children.

In addition, you can also apply some hidden walls on the bathroom wall to put shampoo and soap. Towel rail becomes an alternative to store towels while bathing. Try to browse on the internet to find the most updated ways to hack your bathroom.

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