Hi there! I am Patricia.

I’ve always been fascinated by blog, but I never thought I’d start a blog myself. I started my first steps in the virtual world together with my friend, Claudette. I found out how to make a blog! I found this passion and today I would like to welcome you to my blog, where I will share my insights, thoughts and dreams.

You will find a lot of inspiration in the field of lifestyles, as well as culinary, travel or nursing notes.

At the moment I live in Leeds, UK where I work. I read various books. I love the ones about criminals and culinary. I like to cook, though Claudette says my husband cooks better. I love to eat and try new flavours.

I love travelling, and I try to travel as often as possible whether it is a city or the other end of the world. I am fascinated with the idea of ​​slow life, and I would like to tell you about how I change my life and the reality surrounding me.

There are several categories on the blog that will allow you to navigate it more smoothly. In the culinary category, you will find plenty of recipes inspired by our travels. By clicking on travel category, I will take you on my journey. You will find my memories, tips and photos from both small and large travel.

If you like your homemade SPA, then do not hesitate to go to beauty category, where I will put home-made cosmetics, and I will show you how important natural cosmetics are.

Do you like to eat in the city? What do you say for a bit of inspiration? In the street food category, you will find the same delights from all over the world, which will be described by my second half, Claudette.

Anything that does not fit into the above categories, I put in a general category.
Are you ready? We invite you to read!